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Our global software outsourcing model ensure we deliver maximum targeted result to YOU. We serve clientele across the globe with Offices in US,Bahrain, UK,India and Development Center in US.

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Andro centre Library

Andro Centre Library is a in combination with a cafe would be an excellent attraction for book lovers. It would enhance their reading experience.Every month, giving chance to new writers to publish their books in Andro Centre Library.

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Music Cafe

Andro Music Centre is the feeling of walking into a beautiful track or a piece lost in time is a feeling better experience than said.If you're a music enthusiast who still swears by mixtapes and enjoys digging through, then this will feel like a small slice of heaven.

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Andro Cosmetic Centre

Provide consumers with high quality,safe, efficacious and international products and Enhance women’s lives through our products.We conducts extensive safety testing to ensure that we provide the safest products possible to all of our consumers, globally .

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Dr.Teenz Diet Club

Our Diet club is all about healthy weight loss in supportive environment we will help you devise the right calorie targets for your needs and help you keep motivated with the tools you need to create your food and exercise diary.

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Andro Medical Equipment Centre

will be providing you our own branded medical equipment and will help you to get all kind of medical equipment which is easily not available and difficult to get in market.We have diverse range of multi international medical equipment.

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Andro Gadget centre

Andro Gadget Center is a library of the best gadget and technology resources and an easy way for content creators to find ready-made gadgets.Most affordable and our own branded gadgets will be available.

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Online Product Trading & Delivery

Online shopping has become a popular shopping method now. There are many individuals that are looking for other amazing alternatives shopping and online shipping is just the fix for that.

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Cyber Dine Software

Andro Center is operated by CYBER DINE SOFTWARE,by using cyber dine we are managing our all kind of purchase, sales,processing, delivery,accounts, staff accounts,waste control stock and inventory etc.

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Andro Farm

Andro farm is supplying freshorganic fruits, vegetables and dairy products to AndroCentre. Andro farm is supported by Andro care.Although some organic food and products are more expensive, you actually WILL save money in several ways:

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